Elevation Burger Revisited

Revisited, and better than our first Wheaton Mall Elevation expedition.  This time the beef had actually been seasoned and tasted pretty good, despite still being overcooked — just as with Five Guys, we will have to learn to live with Elevation’s well-done burgers. Conversely, the fries were woefully underdone last time but this time came out nicely fried, even kind of crisp, and well-salted: much improved if still not quite Five Guys quality.  The main issue now is that the perfectly tasty but unsubstantial bun isn’t big enough to handle the big hunks of beef, not to mention the toppings, so I continue to recommend getting the “kids” burger (just one patty).  The chocolate shake, made from Blue Bunny ice cream, was good but not worth all the raves people give it and not sure it’s worth $5.  Mrs. Me liked it all better than I did, and Elevation Burger is a fine option if you’re at the Wheaton Mall and hungry and not in the mood for dim sum.  Service remains efficient and very friendly, they use healthy ingredients, and if they upgrade their buns they’ll really be cooking.


6 responses to “Elevation Burger Revisited

  1. The mention of the $5 shake reminded me of just how expensive shakes have become in recent years. Z-Burger’s shakes are a pretty good deal (fairly tasty although not necessarily award winning) at just over $3 for a regular size, and they come in 75 flavors including 5 Banana flavors and 10 chocolate flavors.
    It seems we almost need a “Shake Index,” kind of like the Lime Index to keep track of inflation in the shake market!

  2. Isn’t Good Stuff also known for shakes, and of course Shake Shack? I will leave it to someone who actually likes shakes to do a Shake Index! I only tried Elevation’s in the interest of science.

    Not that I don’t “like” them — just that there are so many things I like better, why waste calories on a shake…

  3. Wait, they have non-feedlot beef that they grind on premise, and still insist on well done and well done only?

    • It’s because they ship that their beef in from New Zealand… This place is a joke! Healthy beef, they claim, with the same old produce everyone else uses and shakes made with monin syrup… Lol

  4. I’m not 100% clear on the provenance of the beef, but yes, that sounds like what’s happening. Alas.

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