Piratz, Inc.

This is pretty great, courtesy of Thayeravenue.com.  Silver Spring’s beloved-by-some Piratz Tavern has gotten a makeover from SpikeTV and is now the Corporate Bar & Grill.  Many commenters are complaining about the irony of the silly Piratz becoming blandly corporatized, but there may be multiple levels of irony here. Judging from the empty-suit logo above the door, the proprietors may be putting one over on us all with a tongue-in-cheek anti-corporatist subtext.  If that’s really what’s going on, then nicely done, sirs.  Hilarious.  On the off chance it isn’t intentional satire, then at least maybe the food will be better…

It’s almost a real-life Crimson Permanent Assurance!  (Pythons!)


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