Road Trip, Eleuthera: Governor’s Harbor Fish Fry

Fish Fry Here, Under Cover of Darkness

Back to the road trip, will knock this out this week. Every Friday in Governor’s Harbor they run a fish fry; this was our prelude to the ill-fated Conch Ninja encounter.  The Ninja’s stand is off to the side of the big wooden bar area; the fish fry station is to the other side.  Lots of seating and standing at tables around the deck, spilling into the street; a DJ spins tunes (lots of Michael Jackson), fun scene as long as you don’t eat the conch.

The fish are fried whole, and if anything are left in the fryer a little too long; the result is a bit dry but still reasonably tasty.  Each meal includes one fish, a pile of “peas and rice” (i.e. rice and little red beans, more or less), surprisingly good, creamy potato salad, or decent mac’n’cheese.  I think it costs $10 per serving, not really worth it except the atmosphere is fun and worth doing once.

Not-so-subliminal advertising?

Primary beverage options are Kalik, the local beer, and Rum Bubbas, the local rum-based drink, which are very strong and I believe involve nothing more than rum and red Kool-Aid, or Hawaiian Punch, or something like that.  They push the Bubbas hard, with lots of signage, captured by Mrs. Me’s camera. The Conch Ninja relies on the Bubbas to make tourists think, hey, I know I shouldn’t eat raw shellfish on a garbage-strewn beach, but when am I gonna be in Eleuthera again?  Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly…


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  1. Take your ear plugs

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