Road Trip, Eleuthera: Tippy’s Canoe and Tyler Too

View from Tippy's -- Not Too Shabby

Haha, Tyler…I kept wanting to make that joke at the time even though (a) it isn’t really funny and (b) I suspect the average Eleutherian wouldn’t get it anyway.  So I am making it now, because I can.

The restaurant is just Tippy’s, no canoe (though there may be a kayak available for rent), and no vice president of any kind as far as we know, though possibly one or more has eaten there in the past, as Tippy’s is one of Eleuthera’s real hot spot dining and drinking establishments, where the likes of Mariah Carey have been known to drop in and reviewed by major publications. Also no website.

Also no menus: food options are written on large portable chalkboards, which are carried from table to table for group perusal.  Visually interesting and creative, but service was slow overall, even by island standards, and I think the three-chalkboards-for-20-or-so-tables was part of the problem.  Our server was also kind of stern, completely unlike every other Bahamian we encountered, in any context. I think a lot of locals — that is, people with second homes on Eleuthera who spend a lot of time there — are repeat customers at Tippy’s, since a lot of diners seemed awfully chummy with the staff, and I suspect we were immediately sized up as people to whom not much attention need be paid.  Oh well, the great food would make up for it, right?

Tippy's Menu and Lesson Plan

Not really.  We liked our meal well enough, but it wasn’t great, certainly not as good as our previous lunch at Sky Beach Club Bistro or our upcoming lunch at Sip Sip.  Best dish was an appetizer: salty, crunchy, cheese-stuffed garlic bread, with a nice char to the cheese edges.  Fish and chips were good (someone in the kitchen is an expert fryer), though the fries were remarkably McDonald’s-esque, not a bad thing since McD fries are good but we expected something more gourmet. Lobster cream pasta was okay, bbq pork tenderloin was okay though overshadowed by its rich mushroom sauce.  Zucchini and scalloped potatoes were everywhere.  Someone ordered the wahoo, which is nearly as fun to say as kaprow! (wahoo!) and it, too, was okay but nothing special.

Had our expectations not been so high, it would have been a solid meal, but they were, and so it was overall disappointing. Tippy’s is right on the beach and the view is spectacular — but we were there for dinner, darkness already fallen, seated indoors anyway, so oh well. They also often feature live music, which can be a feature or a bug depending on one’s perspective and how loud the band is; we were just about ready to leave when the boys started playing fairly loud, bluesy-reggae versions of 1960s and 70s rock songs.  The bass player was the epitome of cool — imagine Bootsy Collins meets Peter Tosh — but we were done.

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