Road Trip, Eleuthera: Mate and Jenny’s, and the Laughing Lizard

"haha!" says the lizard, for he has jerk chicken and you do not

After Sip Sip, why even bother eating anything else?  Well…we did get hungry again, eventually. Mate & Jenny’s is widely regarded as offering the best pizza on Eleuthera, and it was edible, “best” of course being extremely relative.  Everything in the Caribbean is conch this and conch that, and M&J says “try our conch pizza” — at least it’s something different.  We thought it was okay, not really better or worse than the pepperoni or the ham and pineapple.  The sauce and cheese were pretty good, actually, but the crust was (as expected) not so great.  Still, it was easy and hit the spot.  We were a little surprised at the expense: an average of $20 per 12-inch pie.  Island prices, mon.  The dining room has a short bar and maybe 10 tables, decorated floor-to-ceiling with a mix of customer photos taken over the decades and U.S. college and pro sports paraphernalia.  Friendly just like most everywhere else, and a fun atmosphere, so a net win despite mediocre (by home standards) pizza.

Our last meal, lunch on the way to the airport, was at the Laughing Lizard Cafe (and “art gallery” but there wasn’t much art there, a few paintings and murals, some books, and two or three surfboards suspended in the rafters).  Small place, a one-woman operation, heavy but not obtrusive on the environmental consciousness, and (most important) offering surprisingly good flatbread sandwiches.  Jerk chicken wraps are their big seller but they were out this day, so I went for the “Fun Guy” shroom-and-onion (get it?) panini, which was gooey with cheese and really very good.  The onions were sautéed within an inch of their lives (perfect!) and I didn’t have to pick out the mushrooms.  Another win.  Italian panini and house-made limeade also went down easy.  Casual, yum, a solid if understated end to our island culinary adventures.


One response to “Road Trip, Eleuthera: Mate and Jenny’s, and the Laughing Lizard

  1. Thanks for the great write-ups of the various eating joints in Eleuthera. I have to agree with everything you said. Overall, Sip Sip was the clear winner, with The Bistro at Sky Beach Club getting an honorable mention for poolside dining and the most fru-fru looking drinks. Tippy’s clearly suffered from high expectations confronting a busy Saturday night, although it might be worth revisiting some time for lunch. Da Friday Fish Fry is all about the experience (the good and the bad), while the Laughing Lizard Cafe offers up a decent and affordable bite to eat, albeit in a somewhat nondescript part of the island. Mate & Jenny’s, as you say, is a serviceable pizza, and is probably one of the better if not only take-out options in/around Governor’s Harbour, but it’s clearly no RedRocks or 2Amy’s in spite of the prices.

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