Pacci’s Trattoria

Mixed early reviews led to moderate expectations, which were met, at least.  Pacci’s Trattoria & Pasticceria is in the old General Store space (6 Post Office Road, Forest Glen) (alas, Gillian Clark did not leave her fried chicken behind, but she didn’t leave the attitude either so I guess that’s a wash).  I think Pacci’s are about to do some remodeling, of the kitchen and the downstairs space, maybe it’s already being done.  Hadn’t happened yet when we dined there.

At the moment the space is immediately awkward, with nowhere to wait for your table; where the General Store had some space and a bench in front of the counter, Pacci’s put a four-top.  Makes sense for revenue, but not really a comfortable waiting area, especially since servers are constantly going back and forth with drinks and whatnot. Maybe this will be part of the remodel fix?

At least the service was fine, and our server in particular was very friendly and efficient. Pastas were all good and seem fresh-made; some extra saucy (spaghetti with dense, flavorful meatballs), some not saucy enough (pasta with shrooms and sausage). Everything tasted fine, and prices were lower than we expected, with most main dishes below $20. All ten or so wines are also affordable by modern restaurant standards — I think all under $40 — but nothing exciting.

So, I don’t know.  Not exactly what we were expecting, overall solid, not sure we will rush back but wouldn’t mind eating there again, and will be interested to see what changes are made, especially to the front of the upstairs and to the downstairs.


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