201 in the 202

Popped by the Hill’s Lounge 201 for happy hour the other day, and not for the first time.  One nice thing about 201 is it tends to be fairly empty at 6pm, even on a Friday, so even a large group can hang out together and not feel crowded. Also, they have some good drink specials: half price draught beer, house wine, and rail drinks.  I enjoyed my Chocolate City copper ale.  Did I mention it was half price?  Yes.

They also advertise $5 food specials, but this day at least there was only one, the shrimp “slider” (normally $9)  which was more like an understated po’ boy, on crusty baguette with a bit of lettuce and remoulade. It was kind of  dry (double the remoulade next time) but the shrimp were well-fried and tasted good, and worth $5 (if perhaps not worth $9).

The red-and-black decor screams 80’s to me, a plus in my book, and the big screens should be a draw for sports-watchers.  I’m always surprised it isn’t more crowded at happy hour, though I gather it gets busier as the night rolls along, once the younger and the hipper are sure the likes of me have hit the road.


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