Don’t Wok-A-Wei, Renee

far awei

Chinese Food To-Go Up And Went

Scenic downtown Lockhart, Texas — all three blocks of it — is doing surprisingly well, considering the entire local economy is driven by barbecue.  But oh, what amazing barbecue it is.  Post on that to follow soon, as well as lengthy disquisitions on Tex-Mex, Japanese “farmhouse” cuisine, and the future of upscale-fast hamburgers.  That’s right: another thrilling series of road trip posts, assuming I survive the caloric onslaught for another 12 hours. Every time I go to Texas I end up eating practically nonstop.  The coming week needs to feature a lot of vegetables and water.

But first, back in Lockhart, the old Wok-A-Wei Chinese restaurant evidently did not benefit from being just one block off the main drag; like Renee, too many people wokked (or bbq pitted) away, to Smitty’s just down the block, or Black’s a couple of blocks in the other direction, or Kreuz Market just beyond that.  But I liked the sign, for the punny name “Wok-A-Wei” and the quaint caption “Chinese Food To-Go” and also for the optimistic “open Monday $ Friday” sign which, if you squint, looks like it might say “Open No NDay” — given the state of the structure, I think open no day is closer to right.  But I bet back in the day, this was a fine alternative for those folks who needed a breather from more beef brisket.


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