The Flying Saucer (Austin and beyond but not DC)

Hard not to like a pub whose URL is, isn’t it?  We hit the Austin location of the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium — there aren’t any in greater DC, closest is Raleigh NC.  They always have a great selection of microbrews, with a focus on local and regional but extending nationally and internationally.  We tried several Texas-brewed IPAs on this visit, all good, including from Austin’s own 512 Brewing and Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle.  Food is mostly average, but the big salty pretzels are a good match for the beer, and you could do worse than two large slices of mediocre pizza for $4.99.  Beer specials vary throughout the week — we were there on Texas night, so our IPAs cost $3 apiece, a total steal.  Service is excellent; servers do not fly, nor do they wear saucers; they do wear little kilts, but the outfits are more punk and less trashy than at the Tilted Kilt.  The walls do wear saucers, lots and lots of saucers; the decor is kind of hard to describe.  A fine place to indulge in some delicious beverages, when one finds oneself in a town that has a Flying Saucer franchise.

One response to “The Flying Saucer (Austin and beyond but not DC)

  1. I lived in Austin for a year and worked within walking distance of the Flying Saucer-good times! One happy memory of Austin is the great beer–it was plentiful (even CVS sold beer!) and cheap.

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