Less Texas, More MoCo

Also known as stuff that, if you care about it, you probably already know about it, but I’m not gonna let that stop me:

  • Wheaton’s Royal Mile Pub reopens on Friday, according to official Royal Mile blogger Wheaton Calling (heehee).  Release the haggis!  More from the Gazette.
  • Silver Spring, Singular rounds up recent restaurant developments in his neck of the woods; Just Up The Pike has more detail on the re-opened, not-new-but-improved (?) Piratz Tavern, no thanks to the SpikeTV makeover show says a PT employee named Poppet.
  • Stage Burger Lounge is also now open in SS, owned by the Pacci’s/Mrs. K’s dude.  Some background at ThayerAvenue.  Yay more burgers — but SBL is yet another that won’t cook its beef less than medium.  Mixed reviews so far on the usual internet suspects, but it’s early.  I respect the audacious location right next to burger nirvana (so I hear — still haven’t gotten there) Ray’s the Classics.
  • I appreciated Joe Posnanski’s discussion of the (yes, “the”) Olive Garden reviewThe Gazette’s Bernice August is (at least in my mind) our local equivalent of 85-year-old Grand Forks reviewer Marilyn Hagerty.  Maybe Bernice is a bit more sprightly, I dunno.  At first, as I read Joe’s piece, I felt increasingly bad about raking a couple of Gazette reviews through the coals recently, but then I realized that Marilyn Hagerty is not only astoundingly earnest, but her writing is also comparatively well-organized and grammatically correct — so props to Marilyn, and I don’t feel (too) bad after all.

It’s all enough to drive Hungry Like the Bear to drink — not that he needed the extra encouragement of course!


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