Charboneau! Schlabotnik! Chill!

I have a serious case of blogging burnout.  Not giving up, but posting may be light for a while.

As a wine appreciator and a long-suffering Mariners fan, this USS Mariner post made me laugh, especially since I vividly remember the heady 1980s days of Joe Charboneau hype.  Remember when Topps made special edition cards that were disseminated with Squirt, a Mountain Dew competitor?  (Probably you do not! But it did happen) Despite my mom surely not purchasing a Squirt six-pack, I somehow acquired the Topps/Squirt version of Joe Charboneau.  Why do I remember?  Hype!  I guess.  He may as well have been Joe Schlabotnik.

While I’m here, ‘splaining things, this article made me feel better about my iced coffee habit.  I’ve always suspected I was totally getting fleeced by Starbucks (although more often I make my own at home, using imported Peet’s), but evidently the profit margin on iced coffee is tougher than I realized.

Also, when I typed “‘splaining things” above, autocorrect wanted me to change it to “spraining things” which is probably not untrue, but still irritating.  I hate autocorrect.  Get off my lawn, autocorrect!


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