Taste Wheaton This Sunday

In college, when we used to play cards or games or whatever and someone needed to take a quick break, that person would say “in but out” which loosely translated meant “I am coming right back so DO NOT TAKE MY SEAT” and it was surprisingly effective.  Everyone always respected the in but out.

Vis a vis the blog, I remain indefinitely in but out, for now.

However!  I would be even more remiss than usual were I not to note that this Sunday is the Taste of Wheaton 2012 — it would be odd and kind of gross if it were some previous year’s Taste of Wheaton — and I will attend as usual, at least briefly, even though most of the participating restaurants are the same as they always are.  Limerick Pub is a new addition, so that’s something.  Los Cobanos, Hollywood East, Saigonese, Moby Dick, and Marchone’s never get old, so all in all it’s still well worth a visit.  I cannot recommend eating anything resembling pizza while in Wheaton, even if you really like pizza.  Especially if you really like pizza. You have been warned.

Don’t forget your stack of dollar bills!

3 responses to “Taste Wheaton This Sunday

  1. Hi — I know you are on a bit of a hiatus, but I’d like to put in a plug for a write-up on the farmer’s market. I think they could use some publicity!

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