This One’s For Carl

Does this blog thing still work? *poke* Hmmm.

My friend Carl sent me foil-packed Japanese snacky delicacies from Narita and the QBB Smoked Cheese (or should I say “Smoked” “Cheese”) has apparently reignited my blogging fires.  Or something.

Perfect for relaxation time

Perfect for relaxation time

The foil packet contained five little Vienna sausage-sized-and-shaped “smoked cheese” bites. Ingredients are written in hiragana/kanji-only so who knows what’s in there but I tried the cheeses anyway and they’re not bad.  They taste just like the smoked cheese I remember my parents serving at dinner parties when I was a kid.  A bit peppery.  The packet says “Rich taste of QBB’s smoked cheese is perfect for your relaxation time.” I do feel relaxed! – probably more than I should given what I am ingesting. “Rich” may be a little overboard. Texture is a little softer than a candy corn, but not much.  I will probably not eat all five (safety first) but I do not anticipate regretting eating between one and four.  Although the over/under is 1.5…

I also will not eat or microwave the “oxygen absorber” packet that I guess was helping keep the cheese “fresh” — it says “DO NOT EAT DO NOT MICROWAVE” and you don’t need to tell me stuff like that twice.  The allcaps were unnecessary.

Several other QBB “cheese” products are reviewed on the Japanese Snack Reviews blog.  I’ll see what H Mart’s QBB selection is next time I’m there (surely soon).  I wonder* if the soon-to-open Wheaton Safeway (!!!) will carry OBB products?

* I do not wonder


2 responses to “This One’s For Carl

  1. When you came out of a 15 month hiatus with a post titled “This One’s for Carl”, I assumed someone had died. Glad it was only smoked “cheese”.

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