Coming Soon Safeway

I think they’re serious this time.

Safeway building nearly done

Safeway building nearly done

Once construction finally began, the new Safeway/apartment building across from the Wheaton Metro developed quickly, and the Safeway might be open by “the end of summer” — maybe by Labor Day, maybe by September 21, or maybe not even that soon, but it does look like they’re getting close.   The December 2009 closure of the original Safeway seems so long ago (probably because it was).  I am looking forward to being able to pick up milk or sundries, on foot, on my way home from the Metro after work.  Not to mention being able to visit Starbucks without having to deal with mall traffic.

Until recently Safeway was hiring for many positions in the Wheaton location, from manager to checkout clerk to night stocker (presumably not to be confused with night stalker, which Wheaton does not need any of, thanks anyway).  But the positions evidently have all been filled.  Hope some locals got some of the jobs.

Lots of reWheatoning going on, between the Safeway and the sudden/rapid reno of the office building tucked amongst Archstone on Georgia near the Metro, and the new apartment building going up just a bit further south on Georgia.



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