Del Campo’s Burn Book

Their menu, that is — pretty much everything at Del Campo (777 I (Eye) Street, Chinatown) is burnt or smoked, from the meats to the bar snacks to the desserts. Even the sliced lemon garnishing various drinks has been blackened.  They would probably smoke you, if you asked nicely.

And it’s all good, if you like that kind of thing, which Mrs. Me and I do.  Cocktails are tasty, but it’s the smoked-chili-powder-peanuts that are most addictive, compelling you to keep the drinks coming.  If you order the right amount and combination of meats, they come out sizzling on a huge wooden board, a great presentation we saw all around us; we somehow managed to order an array that called for a metal grill pan instead of the wood.  Next time.  Still, the asado assortment was delicious, led by a tender lamb shank whose bone we were practically sucking by the end.  We also liked the “teres major” steak and sausages.  Empanadas were above average but not as good as the best we had in Argentina a few years ago.  Still, by DC standards they are excellent, though not any better than the best of Panas.

Friendly service, our server masterfully put up with our slightly obnoxious challenging enthusiastic party, and the bartenders were smooooth.  Nice decor.   A little pricey for what you get, maybe.  Overall a good experience, we would go back, arriving early enough to hang at the bar pre-dinner to chow on chili peanuts and burnt lemon drinks, and we would work with our server to ensure giant sizzling wood block asado presentation.  Also might get the Peruvian chicken, that’s supposed to be excellent. Many options in the burn book…

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