Mi Cocina es Su Cocina?

I don’t normally link to WaPo reviews but this is the first time I can remember Tom Sietsema’s initial review being published mere days after we visited the same restaurant — not surprising since we’re not usually such early adopters.  But thanks to my Tex-Mex obsession we did visit the new local outpost of Dallas-based chain Mi Cocina (5471 Wisconsin, Chevy Chase “The Collection”) soon after it opened in June, and our experience was remarkably similar to Tom’s First Bite.

In sum: sterile corporate feel, uncomfortable seating, overly attentive staff — although the manager clearly was aware of the staff issues and maybe they’ve worked those out over the following weeks.  Good soup (Tom had the posole, Mrs. Me had the tortilla soup), and good mole on the enchiladas de pollo con mole.  Decent if one-dimensional salsa. But the rice and beans were disappointingly average; Sietsema found them salty but I thought they were just bland.  Uncle Julio’s remains undisputed* local champion on the crucial rice/beans front.

* don’t even think about it

Like Tom, we also enjoyed one of the expensive margaritas, although other friends who ate at MiCo on a different day said theirs was terrible, in a bad-sour-mix way, so I guess timing is everything.   We’ll give them another try — Mrs. Me got me a gift certificate that needs using, so if nothing else we can order a jug of mole and a tureen of soup.  We will hope that the staff quality and food/drink consistency has improved a few months in, as those things often do.


4 responses to “Mi Cocina es Su Cocina?

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  3. Yeah.. pretty terrible restaurant. I miss Fajita Coast!! (both locations)

    Glad to see you’re eating again!

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