Wheaton. And Eatin’. And Whatnot.

So, Wheaton.  We still live and eat in Wheaton, even during the 15 month blogging hiatus, and there’s still a lot of deliciousness even as our urbanism continues its de-feralization.   Even as the reconstruction of downtown Wheaton continues, the food scene hasn’t changed much; almost every restaurant from 15 months ago is still serving (woohoo!), although there was one Salvadoran (?) place that only lasted a few months in the University strip mall spot previously occupied by Gloria’s Caribbean and before that Irene’s III.  Cursed ground?  We’ll see.  Unleased ground for the moment.

There will be more posting on Wheaton going forward, but I think one reason for the hiatus was a sense that since nothing much has changed around here, and we often eat elsewhere (mostly due to working elsewhere and most of our friends living elsewhere),  I just wasn’t feeling very Wheatony.  Or bloggy.  So finally I decided not to worry so much, going forward, about the “Wheaton” part of the blog’s title, although I think Wheaton will still source a plurality of the restaurants discussed.

Senior Mrs. Me is here and we got huge bags of Ruan  Thai (11407 Amherst) last night, and here’s an example of what I mean: Ruan is still very good, although the beans in the pad prik khing haven’t been up to snappy par the last two times; the duck kha prao (kaprow!) was better than ever; but it really hasn’t changed much in ten years, other than physical space expansion.  Still good, still in the regular rotation, but not superexciting to blog about.  The prices have changed, most main dishes are now in the $11-15 range, compared with ten (or even five or six?) years ago in the $8-10 range.  That’s a 40-50 percent increase since 2003, much higher than the rate of inflation, even of average raw food prices, and certainly wages haven’t gone up much over the past ten years.  So while Ruan remains a valuable Wheaton restaurant — even today’s prices aren’t outrageous or anything — it isn’t quite the same fabulous deal it used to be.

Blogging might be light over the next couple of weeks, although not as light as it was during the previous 15 months!


9 responses to “Wheaton. And Eatin’. And Whatnot.

  1. I am glad that you’re back blogging, as someone who lives near Wheaton and likes to explore the food scene here. Although I often drive right by on my way to DC restaurants. My experiences at Ruan Thai have been good although not terribly noteworthy. I keep meanting to go back for the duck kha prao. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. There have been a few other departures since you were gone. Dusit, Global Café, and the other Irene’s location are gone. Seoul Food has moved into the Global Café spot (and is recommended if you haven’t tried it yet), but the other two are still vacant. Mi La Cay has moved from behind Hung Phat to the strip mall with Wong Gee. Also, not that new anymore, but El Esperanzano (in the strip mall with super chicken and kiki riki) is pretty good if you haven’t tried it yet. Am I forgetting anything else?

  3. Thx Lori ! And thx anonymous, all true. Mrs Me has been to new Mi La Cay but I have not. Thx for tip on Seoul food. Hasn’t Dusit been gone more than 15 months? Seems like it but maybe they went under just after I paused the blog.

  4. I believe Dusit closed in November of last year, but I may be incorrect. I agree with the tip on Seoul Food. Just be aware of their hours. They are only open for lunch a couple days per week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday – I believe), and then they open for dinner around 5pm Monday through Saturday.

  5. Happy to see you back as well. Still missing Dusit, although I love Nava and Ruan Thai.

  6. MISSED YOU! Glad you’re back blogging! I saw a sign that said “Los Tacos Locos” coming soon next door to El Pollo Rico. Could be good or bad – I’ll stay optimistic! You MUST go to Seoul Food!

  7. Whatever happened to Hula Hut? – Mrs. Me

  8. Glad to see you back blogging! I used to read your blog religiously each morning. I’m happy to be doing that again!

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