Nothing, and Costco (But Really Nothing)

Mrs. Me and I just got back from two weeks in Alaska, about which more soon; that’s why not much posting lately, and apologies for delayed comment approval.  Will be fully up to pre-hiatus speed by next week.

For now, I will just note that besides several Wheaton dining changes over the past 15 months noted by various commenters, the Costco also opened in the Wheaton mall, and we went there today for the first (and last?) time.  It is a Costco…probably not much point in reviewing it. We are all familiar with the Costco, yes? Mrs. Me and I lament the traffic and parking mess it is exacerbating, but people seem to like having the store there, so whatevs.  I remain opposed to the Costco gas station (which sounds like it is still sort of in limbo), both for environmental reasons and because there are a half-dozen existing gas stations within a half-mile or so, on University and Connecticut and Viers Mill, who are in most cases longstanding members of the Wheaton business community and whose businesses would be badly hurt by a Costco station.

Back to actual food and whatnot soon.


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