Food Trucks Poised to Siege Wheaton

We interrupt our parade through Alaska to note the upcoming Curbside Kickoff food truck event to be held in the Wheaton Triangle on Saturday, September 28.   I attended the original Curbside Kickoff in DC in 2010 but despite arriving early, the lines were already so long I walked away empty-stomached.

I’m a bit jaded about food trucks, they’re in the same bucket as Costco gas in the sense of the payoff not being worth the time spent waiting in line.  Exciting five years ago but less so now, and quality is all over the map. Food trucks might be less environmentally damaging than Costco gas stations although maybe it depends on the engine, type of fuel, whether they use biodegradable containers, etc.  I do support and admire the entreprenurial spirit of the food truckers.

Anyway, I will show up if I can. The announcement says “Twenty of the DMV’s favorite food trucks” without really specifying them, but if other sections of the website are to be believed, we know the identity of 19 out of 20:

Feelin’ Crabby
The Cheesecake Truck
Carmen’s Italian Ice
Carnivore Barbeque
Ooh Dat Chicken
Pho Wheels
DC Ballers
Dangerously Delicious
Capital Chicken and Waffles
Tasty Fried
Popped! Republic
Doug the Food Dude
Top Dog

Who will be the mystery 20th truck?  Will there be substitutions? Or was that just a rounding error?  There will also be a “craft beer garden” (Dogfish, Heavy Seas, etc.), entertainment, “truck competitions” (!?) — sounds like a food festival!

Remember also Wheaton’s native food (taco) trucks, Ulizes (on Georgia behind Wheaton Laundromat) and Meylin’s (on Viers Mill between University and Ennals).  Any others?  They’re both good and I bet the lines will be shorter…

2 responses to “Food Trucks Poised to Siege Wheaton

  1. My friends at Seoul Food, the Arlington food truck turned Brick and Mortar in WHEATON (we could have a real future in trucks turning to storefronts here) mentioned this event to me awhile back. They may be #20?!

  2. all the food trucks seemed to dissapear from downtown Silver Spring

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