Lime Index, Alaska/Vancouver Edition

Lime Index

Lime Index: Trending up?

Almost forgot to discuss Alaska’s lime situation.  It was easy to forget, since there is no Alaskan lime situation.  We did not see (or smell or hear or Spidey-sense) a single lime the entire time we were in Alaska.  Juneau organic supermarket with a good (for Alaska) produce section: no limes.  Skagway farmers market: no limes.  Restaurants: no limes.  We ordered no cocktails, so maybe all the limes are squirreled away by bartenders for G&Ts, I don’t know.  But the lack of limes up there would have been depressing if I hadn’t been so distracted by glaciers and whales and IPAs and whatnot.

Canada has limes!: 3/.99 cents at the Langley Farm Market in Lansdown Centre, Richmond.  Good quality, from Mexico.  No scurvy in Richmond.

Wheaton also (still) has limes: Mrs. Me recently hit Korean Korner (Viers Mill at Randolph), where she found six/$1, and good quality — a new local winner?  Korean Korner is just slightly farther for me than H Mart, much less Hung Phat, so it is not in my rotation (or even really my consciousness) but I may have to go more often if this is indicative of KK’s overall produce or broader food selection.

Surely it must be indicative: everything we need to know, we learned from the lime index.


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