Weekend Update, Wheaton Style

"Coming Soon" es muy loco, all right

“Coming Soon” es muy loco, all right

I did make it to yesterday’s food truck extravaganza, review to follow this week.  In the meantime, following up on a few previous items:

Today’s WaPo has a feature article on gas station cuisine, with Wheaton’s Seoul Food prominent, including the lead photo in the online edition.  My review of SF from just last week is here.  I don’t think Costco plans to include a little restaurant in the gas station it wants to add to its Wheaton location – maybe they should think about it!

The rumors of Taco Loco are true, it is “coming soon” next door to El Pollo Rico on University.  Although, the interior is completely empty, just concrete and drywall.  Between this and the Wheaton Safeway, I am starting to think that many developers do not understand what “soon” means.

Across the parking lot from the coming soon crazy tacos is yet another Latino bakery I had forgotten about, that makes four in a three block radius.  This one is in the space formerly occupied by the Brazilian market, on Grandview.  Good luck to all four…

That’s it for now.  Food trucks and surprising results in a Ruan-Nava head-to-head comparison “coming soon.”

El Sabor Latino Bakery

El Sabor Latino Bakery



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