Piggybacking the Post

Bereft of my own content — washed clean away with a week of rain — I refer you to WaPo food critic Tom Sietsema’s “Ten Great Tastes for $10 or Less” of which Wheatonian Ruan Thai’s Yum Watercress is #1.  Mrs. Me does not love the watercress so we rarely order this, but I am with Sietsema, it is totally Yum.

His Fall Dining Guide is also out, no Wheaton spots on the list, surprise surprise, but hard to quibble with most of the choices.  DC restaurant quality is high these days.  I have been to, and agree with the inclusion of, Bourbon Steak, Del Campo, Etto, Ghibellina, Oyamel, Palena, Rasika, and Vermillion.  The only place on his list I wouldn’t include is Jaleo, which is fine but not Top 40 — I might replace it with Mourayo, but there are plenty of contenders.  Places on the list I have never been but are high on my list of places I want to go: Blue Duck, Doi Moi, Izakaya Seki, Komi, Le Diplomate, Woodberry Kitchen, and especially Little Serow.


One response to “Piggybacking the Post

  1. A Great Dining Guide indeed!

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