Coming Soon Friday Safeway

Coming Very Soon, Safeway

Coming Very Soon, Safeway

Hear me now, believe me later — I’m still not sure I believe it yet, myself.  Wheaton is about to have a Safeway again, no more “coming soon” teasing.  The store is set to open on Friday (October 25) morning at 8am for a “special preview” “sneak peek” to which I assume every sentient being in a three mile radius has been invited.  There will be tastings!  Of what, specifically, I’m not sure.  Will there be MoCo or Wheaton dignitaries on hand to cut ribbons, stock yogurt, bag my groceries?  I don’t know, and I may never find out because of having to be at work on Friday morning instead of at Safeway.  I will check the new digs out next week, just on the off-chance there is any feature distinguishing it from all other new Safeways.  It is, after all, just another Safeway.  I don’t want to oversell it.   But it will have been three years, ten months, and six days since a grocery store was open for business at the corner of Georgia and Reedie, and (as one might expect from my obsessing over it throughout that period) I am looking forward to that desolate streak ending.

If it is in the coupon flyer, it must be true

If it is in the coupon flyer, it must be true


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