Coming Already Safeway Swag

New Safeway, Free Stuff

New Safeway, Free Stuff

It is Safeway Week here at GEIW, how am I supposed to resist posting about the onslaught of swag appearing on my doorstep?  I am a sucker for swag. Coupon books upon coupon books, and today a FABULOUS NEW CAR reusable grocery bag, branded with the Wheaton Safeway at The Exchange logo.

But wait, there’s more: another coupon for ANOTHER FABULOUS NEW reusable grocery bag!  That’s two bags — NOW how much Wheaton Safeway at The Exchange shopping will I do?  Dunno about “will” but I am certainly well equipped in the event.  Well played, Safeway, well played.  Although the free bag coupon asks me “Have you checked out our new Safeway yet? There’s so much to explore and discover…” No, I have not, because it is not open yet.  Or should I be reading between the lines, breaking into the building and doing a little pre-shopping shopping?  I don’t think so.  So they’re ahead of themselves.   Must…wait…Friday…

All ready with the mood lighting

All ready with the mood lighting

I now have two copies of the fat Grand Opening coupon book.  One for Mrs. Me and one for me equals double the savings!  The coupons are pretty good actually, a bunch of free items with $20 purchase, which will be no problem.  I just hope they don’t immediately sell out of the potentially free items in the first few hours.  Rain checks are a pain.

Anyway.  Looking forward to the Friday grand opening, in spirit if not in person.


2 responses to “Coming Already Safeway Swag

  1. Isn’t the Safeway open tonight? A grand opening?

  2. It is open now!

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