Mi Cocina Revisited

Last time, soon after Mi Cocina opened in Friendship Heights: weird service, mixed food, solid margaritas.

Revisited recently: not much has changed.  The managers seem both competent and aware that the servers have issues, and I’m not sure why the service is proving difficult to fix.  It isn’t due to lack of attention.  Maybe too much attention: we had multiple servers dealing with our table but apparently not communicating with each other; beverages took a long time to arrive, but at one point we had five bowls of (pretty good) salsa on the table, because different guys kept bringing more.

Overall I think MiCo’s food is reasonably good, especially the sauces.  The Tacos de Brisket are pretty good.  Enchiladas are a fine example of the genre.  I can’t decide how much I like the tortilla chips, thick and richly corn flavored but oddly chewy – they’re good but the texture may be an acquired taste.  Mrs. Me got the tortilla soup again and liked it but not quite as much as the first time.  First bite of the apple…

We still have a gift certificate to use so we’ll be back to MiCo at least one more time, and if one finds oneself hungry in Friendship Heights, one could do worse.  But Uncle Julio’s in Bethesda beats MiCo in all possible Tex-Mexy ways, from the crucial rice’n’beans to enchiladas (which Julio recently upgraded, much to my delight — used to be kind of dry and insufficiently cheesy, but no more) to service.


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