The Other New(ish) Wheaton(ish) Grocery Store

I don’t know if Shalom Kosher is technically in Wheaton anymore, in its new(ish) digs in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center off Arcola (1361 Lamberton, officially), but it came from Wheaton, its sister Kosher foods purveyor Max’s is still in Wheaton, and it’s so close to Wheaton you can still smell the challah in the morning, so…close enough for me.

The new space is much larger than the old, allowing them to sell a range of products similar to, say, Safeway, only more kosher.  Maximally kosher, as far as I know.  Shalom has a pretty good selection of meats and poultry, although prices are on the high side (kosher isn’t free).  Fish selection is less good, and the produce section also seemed smaller than expected, though not bad, and they did have good quality limes at 6 for $1, so that’s a plus.

If you keep kosher — I don’t — Shalom Kosher must be a welcome, fantastic source of food.  Among other things, they feature an impressive selection of kosher wines, many from Israel.  As you might imagine, their selection of pork products and shellfish is more limited.  Overall, there are enough products that I want that they don’t carry, that I don’t expect to add them to my grocery store rotation.  But they’re still the local go-to source for challah (best french toast ever), and I suppose it is comforting to know that in the event of an Israeli shiraz emergency, I can get that too.


2 responses to “The Other New(ish) Wheaton(ish) Grocery Store

  1. As someone who just moved near Shalom Kosher, what would you consider the neighborhood? Is it Wheaton, 4 Corners, Kemp Mill, Northwood? Does anyone outside of those neighborhoods consider them something other than Wheaton? Or is it just Silver Spring?

    • Hard to say! I tend to consider Wheaton just in and around the downtown core, so I wouldn’t say Shalom or H Mart are technically Wheaton, but close enough for regular shopping.

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