Happy Holidays

On a brighter, more seasonal note than the previous post, both Nava and Ruan are listed in the Washingtonian “100 Very Best Restaurants issue” arriving in today’s mail — not yet available online I think.  This is not the best cheap restaurants issue, this is the best of the best, led by Inn at Little Washington and Minibar and Komi — so kudos (yet again) and happy new year to Wheaton’s pair of great Thai spots.  Of course, the list is not without its missteps, like Central Michel Richard in the top ten (for me, mediocre and thus extremely overpriced on two 2013 lunch visits) and Jaleo at #15, nothing wrong with Jaleo but shouldn’t be remotely that high on the list.  Overall, though, a fine collection, reminding me as usual that I need to eat out more… Only the top 25 are ranked, and Nava and Ruan are in the remaining 75 somewhere.  Perfectly reasonable.

Happy whatever to everyone — how’s that for blanket season’s greetings? — and look forward to more food blogging in 2014.  Probably even a few more posts between now and then.  Certainly a lot of eating between now and then.  How many calories can we pack into the next seven days? (rhetorical question)




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