Damo Desu Ne

Sushi Damo Tuna Roll

Sushi Damo Tuna Roll

Sushi Damo, home of “cutting edge” Japanese cuisine and its “modern-zen” decor has already conquered New York City and more recently opened an outpost in Rockville — I mean, obviously, the next step from NYC is always the RV. Or something.

Anyway, Mrs. Me is a big sushi fan and I like various Japanese foods, so we figured we would try it.  And it’s good!  Not necessarily any better than, say, Moby Dick right here in Wheaton, which we haven’t visited for far too long.  Certainly a hipper vibe, more seating, and a bigger menu.

Mrs. Me went for the $17 three-course lunch special, including (in her case) fine but somewhat watery miso soup and a delicious (and attractively plated) tuna roll.  She also got a single piece of tuna sushi on the side, for $3.50.  It was good, but that’s the price for just one piece, not a pair.  No bargains here.

Sushi Damo bento box

Sushi Damo bento box

My chicken teriyaki bento box, on the other hand, was solid value at $11.  The teriyaki was fine, a little oversweet for my taste but that’s just me. I liked the California roll, the fried tofu, and the citrus-dressed salad, while the shrimp dumplings were too dry, as though sitting under a heat lamp for a while.

Overall pretty good but not cheap, and more of a hip-fancy restaurant atmosphere than the usual understated sushi dive.  Different strokes.  If we lived in Rockville I’m sure we would be repeat customers, but I think we’re more likely to stick with Moby Dick, or a few other places in Silver Spring or DC, for future sushi needs.


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