Brobdingnagian Burmese Beaver Burns Bodega?

No.  At least, not likely.

But the Crisp & Juicy at Westfield Wheaton mall did catch fire yesterday. We saw multiple fire engines rushing up Georgia around noon, while we were on our way to BGR in Bethesda.* The entire mall was evacuated for a couple of hours, but all was soon well (though maybe not for C&J — extent of damage unclear at this time).

* BGR, where the fries are crisp & fluffy, better than they used to be, and the burger is still above average but not as great as it used to be, e.g. more likely to be overcooked, and the customer service has gone downhill: the tables don’t get cleaned, and when you are given the wrong burger and you find a hair in your fries, they’ll begrudgingly fix the problems but they won’t seem happy about it.  Just for example..

And authorities found a 50-pound beaver hanging out in Alexandria yesterday.  That is a lot of beaver.  Could the beaver have gnawed through wiring in the Wheaton mall and then lumbered all the way to Alexandria? Possibly with the help of an extensive network of squirrel accomplices?  Stranger things have happened.

Finally, as a follow-up to my recent note on the mediocrity of Burma (the restaurant in DC, not the country, where conversely things may (?) be on the upswing), we learned from the Post this week that the restaurant is about to close and many people will miss it.  I had no idea it was run by a princess and was such a gathering place for the cognoscenti. The Post article linked two sentences above is thoroughly interesting, recommended.  I wonder if the building upgrades will affect other eateries on that block like Kanlaya.


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