I Hate This Winter

Apparently I saw my shadow on New Year’s Eve, which meant six more weeks of no blogging.

Then I got the flu — DO NOT GET THE FLU.  This year’s flu has been widespread and unusually virulent, and the shot isn’t working so well.  Mrs. Me got the shot, and then she got the flu anyway, and then she gave the flu to me.   But I can’t use that as an excuse for six weeks of no blogging.  Maybe a week, tops.  That was early January; I’m better now.

But there’s really not been that much to blog about, especially Wheaton-wise.  We haven’t been eating out all that much.  Royal Mile Pub closed, to the surprise of few.  After the ownership issues from a few years ago, it hadn’t been quite the same quality.  Taco Loco is still “coming soon” (right?).

Safeway continues to be pretty empty, even before the most recent storm when most grocery stores would have been teeming with emergency purchasers.  Also, Safeway has a guy in the parking garage taking photos of all the cars’ license plates — what’s up with that?  I don’t like it.  I assume they would say it’s for security reasons (I have been meaning to ask a manager but never seem to remember at the right time),  but to me it’s a huge invasion of privacy and kind of creepy.

Cowgirl Creamery closed downtown, sad although probably good for my cholesterol.  Ashby Inn is still very good but not as good as it used to be. This winter has just been bad all around.  I am so ready for April.  But maybe I won’t wait until April to post more…


4 responses to “I Hate This Winter

  1. Too bad about the Royal Mile… why so little news about it, save here? Last time I took my 4 1/2 year old daughter for an early dinner we were the only ones there & the waitress was literally begging me to hire her as a nanny – a bit weird. Wonder what will become of their extensive scotch collection?

  2. Here’s the ad for the Royal Mile space. Looks like the scotch is gone.

  3. Thanks Jeff! Yeah, the service got weird toward the end. This would be a great space for, say, an Indian restaurant. The ad says “will lease quickly” — we’ll see. Ferdinand’s old space has been vacant for about ten years, just down the street. I hope it does lease quickly, and that the new restaurant is high-quality. And not Salvadoran or Chinese or Peruvian — all good cuisines but Wheaton is saturated.

  4. Woah, I had no idea that Royal Mile closed. I agree that Wheaton badly needs an Indian restaurant.

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