Odds and Ends

Rios Taqueria (2302 Price) has its signage up on the awning now.  We went back again for lunch — we were the only ones there, naturally — and while the service is quite friendly, mistakes were made: Mrs. Me’s burrito arrived cold, and my enchiladas arrived sans the advertised beans.  Quality okay, nothing special.  Good chicken tamale, and above-average chips (crisp and thick) and salsa (thin and garlicky).  Lesson: stick with appetizers and (probably) Salvadoran specialties (lots of soups and seafood dishes on the menu), not more Mex-y things like enchiladas and burritos.  That’ll teach us.  Maybe.

We recently ate at El Golfo (8739 Flower Ave., Silver Spring) for the first time, though it’s been there for years.  Decor seems a little tired.  Banner outside advertising a weekly jazz night mentions “marguritas” and the website offers “margarita’s” so I had to try one, and I guess their creative spelling and grammar was appropriate enough because the erstwhile margarita was all sweet-and-sour-mix-badness, undeserving of correct nomenclature, though it was not quite as bad as the neon green, saccharine daiquiri (!) that someone else made the mistake of ordering. Double bogey for the drinks.  The food was good though: casitas de puerco, perfectly cooked carne asada, even pretty good nachos.

Washington CityPaper reports on what the local industry knows and thinks about restaurant critics. An interesting read.  They mention bloggers only in passing; we “often know little of food and even less of writing” but “do occasionally reach respectable audiences” — hmmm.  What do I know?  Are you respectable?

Breakfast tacos for dinner tonight, at home.  Bacon makes everything better.


2 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. That City Paper piece just reinforces that bloggers are a better source for unbiased opinions. The restaurants can’t recognize you like the pros! Keep up the good work!

  2. thanks Avocado! I agree, the trick is to find bloggers you can follow over time and learn to trust based on similar experiences. I’m always honest, at least. Also, another friend pointed out that for every critic, the piece recommended the “best” server or something, as though there are some critics out there who would appreciate the worse servers…

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