Hung Phat Curry Puffs

Hung Phat Curry Puffs

Hung Phat Curry Puffs

We use Hung Phat (11315 Fern St.) primarily as a source of limes and back-room Thai food (hello Thai Taste!), but they have other good stuff too: a long row of sauces, spices, and other canned goods from across the Asian spectrum.  Great selection, reasonable prices.  We don’t usually buy meats or non-lime produce there, but they have some of that too.

Not everything is great at Hung Phat.  Their banh mi are subpar (primarily a bread fail) and their prepared food buffet looks suspect to me — it sits there all day, festering in metal trays, and I haven’t dared try any.

But I did dare try the curry puffs the other day, and they’re great! Impossibly flaky on the outside, and an architectural marvel to boot.  The filling is mildly curried, not spicy at all, with potato and onion — and “seasoning sauce” so we don’t really know all what’s in there.  MSG?  Whatever it is, works.  And at $3 for three tennis ball-sized puffs, it’s a good deal too.  I like them for breakfast, because that’s just how I roll, but they also make  a nice appetizer or snack. One more reason to visit Hung Phat.

One response to “Hung Phat Curry Puffs

  1. I tried their Pad Thai once, and it was pretty good. Pretty much what you’d expect from a little market. I’ll have to try the curry puffs!

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