Ginger Snap Smackdown

Murray's and Stauffer's Ginger Snaps

Murray’s and Stauffer’s Ginger Snaps


Mrs. Me loves the ginger snaps.  I’m not as big a fan, but sometimes they’re okay, and I’m always up for a taste test.  She likes the kind that come in the old-timey wax paper bags — I don’t know if they’re better, or more authentic, but that’s the house style, so that’s what we tested.

Specifically, Murray’s (“The Great Taste You Love Since 1941”) and Stauffer’s (“Quality Since 1871”).  Presumably they haven’t actually been in the bag that long.  These brands are typically available at your major U.S. supermarkets.

Overall, it was a split decision: Mrs. Me preferred Murray and I preferred Stauffer’s, although really both are fine.  Stauffer’s are slightly darker brownish-red, a bit larger, have deeper ridges, marginally chewier (though both are very crunchy), and have a mildly spicy afterburn, which I found interesting and Mrs. Me didn’t care for as much.  The Murray cookies may be more the Platonic ginger snap ideal, and if that’s what you’re after, I can see why you would choose Murray over Stauffer’s.

A few other notes:

  • One Stauffer’s cookie is 17% larger, at 7 grams as opposed to a 6 gram Murray cookie — yet, one serving of Murray is 140 calories and one of Stauffer’s is 120.
  • Murray’s have more sodium, at 160 to 120mg.
  • Murray’s also have more protein, at 2 to 1g.
Murray's on the left, Stauffer's on the right

Murray’s on the left, Stauffer’s on the right

The lead ingredients are all the same — enriched flour, sugar, and palm oil (though Murray throws soybean oil and “TBHQ for freshness” into the mix). But Stauffer has several unique ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, chili powder, and red pepper.  Surely all in minuscule quantities, and yet maybe enough to create that afterburn, which Mrs. Me thought might have meant more molasses.  Stauffer’s may also have slightly more molasses, but I think those spices are the key flavor difference.

They could have called the product Sichuan Snaps?



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