I Did Not Gnaw Down That Cherry Tree

Tidal Basin, Peak Bloom 2014

Tidal Basin, Peak Bloom 2014

If George Washington were alive today, he might be overwhelmed by all the cherry trees, finally in bloom, around the Tidal Basin.  How would he decide which ones to chop down?  Would he have fashioned a new set of dentures from the wood? Would he tweet about it later? #cherrynolie?

He might also be dismayed that these trees are ornamental only, no actual cherries. Despite the lack of fruit, our cherry trees still have edible parts, namely the blossoms.  Salt, sugar, and vinegar make just about anything edible.

Friendly Tidal Basin Beaver

Friendly Tidal Basin Beaver

The rest of the tree is also edible, maybe even the best part, if you’re a beaver.  Fortunately the Tidal Basin beaver problem seems to be history; we’re left only with this little guy to warn us away from climbing or picking — notably he does not warn against chopping. Presidents get away with anything.


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