I used to assume that when one of my blog posts receives a comment that just says “moooooo” it must be spam, or maybe it’s that one friend from high school that used to imitate a cow during math class, but probably just spam. But now it looks like it might be actual cows.  The cows are on the interwebs!  Scotland’s cows, anyway; I’m not sure any American cows are hooked up yet.  If not, they need to get with the program. Of course, as the Wall Street Journal recently noted, U.S. broadband is both expensive and slow, and our cows may just not have the time or funds.

This could be a great opportunity for when they rebuild downtown Wheaton. Just off the nice new grassy public square (triangle?), there could be an internet cafe where the cows and the humans can mingle and share computers and dairy products. The cows can graze in the herbalicious geometric area, and then trundle indoors when they feel like giving milk or checking their portfolios.  Cows get internets, we get fresh cream in our coffee.  And if we can somehow harness Bessie’s copious methane emissions to power the whole thing, we might even come out ahead.

Anyway.  Hello to my bovine Scots readers.  And lest anyone think I am overestimating the intelligence of cows, think again.  As Gary Larson suggested, the cows have you right where they want you.



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