Lime Crisis Update

Many thanks to commenter BEI for pointing out that Martha Stewart is apparently unaffected by the lime crisis. Mrs. Me can attest that I have always had a little crush on Martha and this just makes me love her even more despite the increasing evidence that she is basically John Galt come to life. I am irrational from scurvy. Does Martha have her own lime cartel?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  At least she probably has a lime orchard on her estate.  Make me a margarita, Martha!

On another bright note, Trader Joe’s is now the go-to lime source, with 49-cent fruit in good condition, and bags of limes for less than $3, working out to even less than 49 cents.  I’d rather Hung Phat or H Mart got back to their former glory, but at least TJ is something for the time being.

And we can add coffee beans to limes and shrimp in the crisis bucket. Insult to injury. Can’t we have any good things anymore?  Thank goodness bacon isn’t in crisis!


If blogging is light going forward, it is because I am delirious and unable to write due to lack of sustenance from the four basic food groups: limes, bacon, iced coffee, and whatever Martha is serving.  Rescue me, Martha Stewart!


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