Taste of Wheaton and Other Notes

Yeah yeah, I’m still here.  Just back from a  weekend trip to Buffalo, where (you may already know) they are famous for the wings of the chickens.  They are also famous for professional sports futility and presidential assassinations and The Lake Effect and probably other things, but I will limit my upcoming report to the wings, and a few other culinary adventures. Buffalo is actually a pretty fun place.

Also coming soon, reviews of Woodberry Kitchen, which I have been having trouble wrapping my brain around, and probably some other places where I ate months ago and haven’t gotten around to discussing.  Fortunately I took a few notes at a few places, so I can still write about them.

Also also, the 19th annual Taste of Wheaton will be this Saturday Sunday, June 8, from 11-5 in the usual Wheaton Triangle location.  New this year: local chefs doing cooking demos.  Sounds fun!  I’m assuming the participating restaurants will be the usual suspects, but I haven’t seen a list yet.

3 responses to “Taste of Wheaton and Other Notes

  1. Everyone (all the restos) appears to be advertising the Taste but I also haven’t seen a list. But I’m excited, as usual, only to likely be let down by the likes of Little Caesars and IHOP (both who have graced us with their presence in recent years, yet need not).

  2. List: http://www.wheatonmd.org/_files/docs/tow2014_programfinal.pdf (Includes usual suspects: Little Caesars, and IHOP)

  3. thanks BEI!

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