A Post About Wheaton For a Change

Still finalizing reviews of Range and Potowmack Farm, because there is so much to say.  Coming soon…

In the meantime: we hear the Wheaton Farmers Market is struggling.  I admit I am guilty of never going there, I just don’t ever find myself in the Triangle on Saturday mornings.  My image of the WFM is one sad little table of wilting veggies. Apparently it got bigger and better over the past year or two, but has now shrunk again, with a couple of vendors dropping out.  Unfortunately due to scheduling issues I am unlikely to get there anytime soon, but if you are one of my small handful of local Wheaton readers, maybe go check it out one of these summer Saturdays before it’s too late.  The farmers market — I think just one farm but with lots of goods — over in the parking lot of the Wheaton Forest Local Park on University may also be worth a drop-in, they’re open many hours on the weekends and most weekday evenings.

Downtown Wheaton also has a summer concert-and-movie series on Friday nights that is much better attended than the farmers market.  The 2014 season starts tomorrow at 7pm with a viewing of Frozen.  Let it go?  Or, as Ric Ocasek (or, technically, Ben Orr) might say, Let’s go! I like the nightlife, baby…

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