I live in Wheaton, since 2002. I eat in Wheaton.  Mrs. Me usually eats with me.  There is no Mini Me.

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  1. Pashion:

    Tuesday evening 10/13 on my walk back from the metro I passed the former digs of the old Hollywood East and supposed future home of Pashion – taped to the door was a yellow court document, the landlord’s claim for repossession of the premises for nonpayment of rent. Egad, that was fast!

  2. Wow, this is like the most pro-Wheaton blog ever…or at least since Scenic Wheaton was up and running…

    The Wheaton Revitalization and W-K Chamber of Commerce folks should pay you a fat stipend or something…

    Keep it up!

    • True, pretty pro-Wheaton around this blog…not surprising, since I do choose to live in Wheaton, and I tend to go mostly to restaurants I like. And, honestly, Wheaton does have a lot of pretty solid ethnic restaurants, with a few great ones. And I’m an optimist, at least about Wheaton…

  3. I have been reading your blog for some time and thoroughly enjoy it. I have lived in Wheaton since 2001 and just love it here.

    Thanks for the great blog, keep up the great work!

  4. I live in Wheaton too and appreciate your blog a lot! I sometimes get frustrated with the food options here so thanks for sharing your thoughts on them all! I blog as well, mostly about my in home creations, but from time to time I’ll cover a local restaurant. Thanks again!

  5. Not sure where to post this but… tried to have lunch today at Song Phat, the Vietnamese ‘noodle & grill” where Nava Thai started out behind the Hung Phat Asian market, and found that it’s been replaced, or has transformed into, the Mi La Gay Noodles & Grills, with a similar, but more extensive (and slicker, glossier) menu. Interesting-sounding dishes like Vietnamese Pancake; egg noodle with, variously, beef stew, duck curry, roast duck home style, roasted quail, pork chop, and, intriguingly, ‘crispy Maryland chicken.” The more conventional dishes I had – spring rolls, grilled pork in a bowl over vermicelli, mint, bean sprouts, with fish sauce – were very good. The interior is very sparse compared to the last two incarnations. This could be a favorite hole in the wall.

    • Very interesting, thanks! I hadn’t noticed that change. Wonder if it’s still run by the Hung Phat peeps? Assume so, but ?? Not sure Maryland Chicken would be at the top of my list to try, though I suppose it beats Maryland Terrapin…anyway, will put the place on my list to (re)discover.

  6. If Maryland chicken means local, then, might that not be a good thing?

    I’ve been back to the Mi La Cay, but the two women there I asked (mother and daughter?) didn’t know why their fried chicken was called Maryland chicken. I was able to ascertain that it does not refer to the ancestry of locale of the bird, or to the cooking style.

    What it is is two thighs, each cut into two pieces, fried seemingly without breading or batter but with some seasoning or coloring that gave it a reddish tinge. The skin was light, crisp, and crackly, and the meat was juicy. It was garnished with a small salad of lettuce, cucumber and shredded carrot with a tangy dressing. Served in the egg noogle format, it was accompanied by a bowl of chicken-based pho with noodles, lettuce, scallion, ground pork, and a small plate of bean sprouts, lime, and sliced jalapenos. Worth a try!

  7. One of my favorite Wheaton excursions is to the Full Kee on University, for the Shrimp Dumpling and Noodles Soup. One bowl per person and then like snow pea leaf or another green veggie to share. Check that out if you haven’t already.

  8. http://local.yahoo.com/details?id=12513803&tab=reviews&rvwconf=1 to read about car body shop and Mi La Cay in Wheaton, MD

  9. Hi, I just wanted to say I love the blog, but I was wondering if you could do Twitter integration? A lot of my favorite sites announce new entries on there and I’ve sort of gotten used to using Twitter as a would-be RSS aggregator in that way.

  10. great blog! im always exploring food options in Wheaton. i’ve tried many and look forward to trying more. your reviews are very helpful. have you tried sergios? the pupusas are great!

  11. Kevin: not sure I’ll be tweeting anytime soon, pretty sure there’s a way for you to set up automatic email or RSS or twitter or something to alert you whenever I post but I’m pretty clueless about that stuff…

    Christian: thanks! yes, Sergio’s is okay, although I have found the pupusas are even better at (in order of preference) Antipuqueno, El Pulgarcito de Callao, Los Chorros, and Irene’s III. Just to name four. Many pupusas in Wheaton, so little time!

    • I will try it out, for sure! One place that needs to be investigated is Color Cafe. I went there for a few drinks the other night and sang some karaoke. The bartender told me that they are also serve chicken. Might be something different then the normal Peruvian (Color Cafe is a Korean place).

  12. Great blog

  13. Twitter integration: you can do what I think Kevin wants pretty easily, given that you are hosted by WordPress.com (as am I). Use the Publicize feature so that your Twitter followers are told whenever you post:

    Hope this helps,
    Andrew, also in Wheaton and on wordpress.com

  14. Thanks Andrew, good info. The real obstacle, though, is that I would have to sign up for a Twitter account, which doesn’t really interest me.

  15. Carole in Bethesda

    Your blog is temptin’ me to sample the dinin’ in Wheaton!
    Very informative and enjoyable reading!

  16. Love your blog – sometimes these things can get too “precious”, but you hit the right note, and your reviews are spot on to most of our dining experiences, too.

  17. You may have seen this, but there’s a pretty good thread on Sullivan’s site about restaurant websites: http://bit.ly/qz83hc

  18. Any news on the unfortunate closing of Fajita Coast in Four Corners??

    A definite closing date?? A date when they’ll be reopened in DTSS?

  19. Any suggestions on a bar/restaurant that would have the space to host an evening event for at least 100 people for drinks/hors d’oeuvres? I’m thinking there must be a place that serves alcohol that is large enough but doesn’t normally do a huge about of business on a Saturday night. Would really appreciate if you have any thoughts/suggestions as it seems like you have set foot in nearly every establishment in Wheaton!

  20. Any idea where the taco truck next to unique thrift shop at viers mill and randolph has moved to? We tried another truck in the same parking lot and are missing our truck!

  21. I know you’re always looking for Indian food in Wheaton – you should try the place in the Mall food court (in the old Arby’s space). It’s, surprisingly, really good! They have the space where the fryers used to be converted to cook with some sort of big wok-type thing. Two entrees + naan + a soda = around $8-9.00. Based on a conversation with someone behind the counter, it seems they’re (somehow?) related to the owners of Laliguras, on Conn Ave in D.C.

  22. thx K.D.! will check it out eventually, though I try to avoid the Mall…

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