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Road Trip, Eleuthera: Sky Beach Club

View from Sky Beach Club Bistro

Eleuthera (Bahamas) has a lot of dives, and a handful of nice restaurants.  We split our meals between the two. One of the nice places is the Bistro at Sky Beach Club, near the town of Governor’s Harbor on the Atlantic coast.  Eleuthera is nearly 100 miles long and not more than mile wide in some places, it looks like a deformed string bean on a map. The Atlantic side is windier and rougher than the Caribbean side, but I think the Atlantic is also more scenic.  Sky Beach Club is right on the beach, offering a great view from the Bistro.

Nicoise Salad @ the Bistro

It was one of the two best meals we had on the island. Mrs. Me’s deconstructed Nicoise salad was the most photogenic dish, and tasty too, from deviled eggs to potatoes to gorgeous seared tuna. The fried grouper sandwich was good – fresh, well-fried fish fillet, on an above-average roll – but the crisp, thin-cut fries were wonderful, I’m pretty sure they were sliced onsite, not from frozen.  I don’t understand why so many restaurants serve substandard fries; if they can make great french fries on Eleuthera, anyone should be able to do it.  Anyone with a deep fryer and a lot of peanut oil (or duck fat) that is.

The Bistro’s service was great too — excellent service is a hallmark of the Bahamas — and so were the beverages.  We each had something different; mine was a Goombay Smash, also native to the Bahamas I think, with pineapple and orange juices and two kinds of rum, including Malibu.

Goombay Smash is the yellow one

Delicious, and attractive!

Didn’t hurt that it was a sunny afternoon and we were on a tropical beach.  This was our first full day there, I had not yet encountered the Conch Ninja.