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Opening Day

Baseball is back, baby; hope springs eternal. So does ballpark food — here are a few recent morsels of  in-game-eating information:

  • No more Five Guys at Nationals Park this season. Probably they are just too busy expanding to five zillion new locations elsewhere in the U.S. (
  • 5G may be exiting the park but Food Network is moving in (but not in DC). (Grub Street)
  • Spring training ballpark food rankings. Like their roster, the Nationals’ Space Coast cuisine is only average. (Spring Training Connection)
  • For the discriminating ballpark eater, the class A Savannah Sand Gnats this year will serve chicken&waffles and a s’mores panini thanks to a contest. (
  • Diamondbacks bullpen catcher Jeff Motuzas is not discriminating. Hey, moths have a lot of protein, and a guy gets hungry down there in the bullpen, spitting and scratching and nowhere to go all game. (WSJ)