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Froyo? No, No! (Or, Timing is Everything)

After a week of blizzards and snowdrifts and leaking door frames and digging and ice and cold and snow, you know what would really hit the spot?  A nice big cup of frozen yogurt.

Wait, sorry, no, that’s wrong: frozen yogurt goes in the “NOT During Worst February Weather Ever” category.

But frozen yogurt is nevertheless what I am offered as I walk down F street between 10th and 11th. Froyo recently opened a second location near my workplace.  In the middle of winter. And as I walk by, they’re outside trying to entice me to come in and try a free sample.  Of frozen yogurt. I do not go in; nobody goes in. Lots of crazy looks, no free tastes.

I’ve never been to Froyo — had never heard of them until last month when I went to Chadwick’s in Friendship Heights and noticed that, across Wisconsin, Froyo had sometime in 2009 taken over part of Booeymonger’s — but it seems like something is not quite right about their timing, here. And possibly their marketing plan. Did I mention it is the middle of winter?  The worst winter ever in DC?

I could be wrong, it could be a Froyo competitor that has opened on F Street. Doesn’t matter. Whoever it is should have waited until May. I should add that even in summer, I wouldn’t be much interested in frozen yogurt. Did FY replace the cupcake as the hip new thing? Or is it already over?