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Coming Soon Friday Safeway

Coming Very Soon, Safeway

Coming Very Soon, Safeway

Hear me now, believe me later — I’m still not sure I believe it yet, myself.  Wheaton is about to have a Safeway again, no more “coming soon” teasing.  The store is set to open on Friday (October 25) morning at 8am for a “special preview” “sneak peek” to which I assume every sentient being in a three mile radius has been invited.  There will be tastings!  Of what, specifically, I’m not sure.  Will there be MoCo or Wheaton dignitaries on hand to cut ribbons, stock yogurt, bag my groceries?  I don’t know, and I may never find out because of having to be at work on Friday morning instead of at Safeway.  I will check the new digs out next week, just on the off-chance there is any feature distinguishing it from all other new Safeways.  It is, after all, just another Safeway.  I don’t want to oversell it.   But it will have been three years, ten months, and six days since a grocery store was open for business at the corner of Georgia and Reedie, and (as one might expect from my obsessing over it throughout that period) I am looking forward to that desolate streak ending.

If it is in the coupon flyer, it must be true

If it is in the coupon flyer, it must be true


Coming Soon Safeway

I think they’re serious this time.

Safeway building nearly done

Safeway building nearly done

Once construction finally began, the new Safeway/apartment building across from the Wheaton Metro developed quickly, and the Safeway might be open by “the end of summer” — maybe by Labor Day, maybe by September 21, or maybe not even that soon, but it does look like they’re getting close.   The December 2009 closure of the original Safeway seems so long ago (probably because it was).  I am looking forward to being able to pick up milk or sundries, on foot, on my way home from the Metro after work.  Not to mention being able to visit Starbucks without having to deal with mall traffic.

Until recently Safeway was hiring for many positions in the Wheaton location, from manager to checkout clerk to night stocker (presumably not to be confused with night stalker, which Wheaton does not need any of, thanks anyway).  But the positions evidently have all been filled.  Hope some locals got some of the jobs.

Lots of reWheatoning going on, between the Safeway and the sudden/rapid reno of the office building tucked amongst Archstone on Georgia near the Metro, and the new apartment building going up just a bit further south on Georgia.


Chicken Paws

Chicken Feet
Fried + Sauced = Nom Nom?   (image: avlxyz/flickr)

Last weekend’s Washington Post article on the developing chicken “paw” trade war between the U.S. and China caught my attention. I have never eaten chicken feet but am getting intrigued; I know many Chinese restaurants sell them (for sure Hollywood East and probably others in Wheaton too), and I believe H Mart* and other local Asian food purveyors carry them in case one wants to cook ’em up at home.  Which apparently is fairly easy to do. It is nice to know that U.S. chicken feet are most coveted in China due to their relative meatiness. I eagerly await the stateside marketing campaign in 2012… More on the freakonomics of chicken feet here.

* Odd and amusing: if you search the H Mart website for “feet” you get a list of mostly hair curlers.  A search for “chicken” gets a list of mostly not-chicken-related items, led by Aveeno Baby Soothing Bath Treatment.

Safeway In Ruins Retrospective

So much for Zombie Safeway.  Kids these days are much too young to remember the golden age when Wheaton’s Safeway was open for business:

The Way We Were

…but then it closed…

Don't Come Around Here No More

…and zombified…


…but finally has found peace.  Or at least is in pieces, which is all I ever really asked for…

Ashes to Ashes, Dirt to Dirt

…and someday we will have this:

Artist's Rendering: Do Not Try This At Home

Rubble Rubble

Flintstones? Hamburglar? Or the sweet loud sound of a crumbling zombie grocery store?  Down goes Frazier Safeway!  It took nearly two years to get started, and the entire edifice has been pretty much destroyed in less than a week.

What else?

  • Sounds like the latest Wheaton culinary tour was a success, Patch has the story.
  • Dungeness crab season off to a crabby start.  I still wish I were there to buy a bushel fresh off a boat…
  • This may not be real, but allegedly In-N-Out is not the only “secret menu”.

Zombie Safeway From Undead to Just Plain Dead (and Eventually Alive Again)

To paraphrase Miracle Max in The Princess Bride, Wheaton’s Safeway has been mostly dead since December 2009, but this month finally will be put out of all of our misery so that a newer, better Safeway may rise in its place.  Demowition…twue demowition. We have the technology.  We can make it bigger..stronger…faster…the Six Million Dollar Safeway!

Groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for this morning.  Already work has begun tearing out the insides and collapsing the ceiling, and uprooting the sidewalks. In fact, as of 8am today, a giant yellow back hoe* was grinding away at the store’s innards, only a shell remained — I guess they decided not to wait for the ceremony. I know not everyone is excited about fourteen stories of whatever, but I’m glad the project is finally moving forward.

* Maybe not a backhoe, I don’t know my construction equipment — any 3-year-old could have told me, but I didn’t have one easily accessible this morning.

I was hoping for something more spectacular, like what they did to the Vegas Stardust, but I’ll take what I can get.

For Realz?

Those of you holding your breath will have to hang on another week or so, but this is good news.

Save the date?