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Wilds of Virginia

We visited my cousin and her adorable two-year-old son this morning across the border, and there was a small amount of eating, starting with a decent chocolate croissant at Whole Foods. However, one of the employees, when asked about the availability of fake sugar for the (not good) coffee, went off on a diatribe about how WF “isn’t Starburcks” and “is trying to teach you something” and “that stuff [fake sugar] causes cancer”.  A simple “sorry, we don’t have that” would have been a lot more appropriate. Just another reason to hate Whole Foods; I only go about once a year on average and based on today will try to cut back a bit.

Later, for lunch after picking up wine at Arrowine, we ate chicken at Crisp and Juicy (Lee Highway location). They should call it Savory and Juicy; we liked the food a lot, but the skin was no longer crisp, or crispy. Is the “y” redundant? Needs its own blog post someday. Anyway, Whatever & Juicy is very similar to Wheaton’s own El Pollo Rico, although the C&J fries are a bit better and they offered a choice of mild or spicy fry sauce; of course I took spicy and it was very good. Maybe EPR offers the choice too, but they’ve never asked me.  C&J also branches out into asada and sausage sandwiches, including allegedly “Hot [Spicy] Argentine Sausage”: based on our trip earlier this summer, there’s no such thing, an Argentine would sooner clean up after his dog on the sidewalk than eat something spicy.  Next time I hit C&J I may have to try it, just to see.