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Negril Jamaican Eatery

We weren’t planning on Jamaican for lunch but the Greek place was full and McGinty’s was too far away. We were hungry in Silver Spring and the car meter only had so much time left. Negril (965 Thayer, just off Georgia) was there, looked like the kind of dive that could be good, so in we went.

Negril turns out to be a small local chain celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and we were overall pleased with the experience, particularly from a value perspective. They have a central location that makes all their baked goods for the three retail locations. Service was quick and friendly. There isn’t much atmosphere, but that’s okay, it’s a quick service kind of place. It was 2pm on a Saturday and they were doing a decent business, obviously a well known, popular neighborhood place.

I hadn’t had Jamaican food for years, but am always up for a goat curry, so that’s what I got, and it was very good, full of bones as it should be, could have been a little spicier.  The beef pattie (Jamaica’s answer to the empanada!) was tasty, flaky pastry crust, spicy beef filling that, again, could have been even spicier.  The jerk chicken was also good…could have been spicier. Chicken roti: good. Fish sandwich: very good. Everything was hot, and large portions. At under $4 the huge and tasty sandwiches are a particular bargain. It isn’t convenient enough for us to go there a lot, but if I were in the neighborhood already, Negril would certainly be on my list of places I would be happy to go for lunch or dinner.