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DeJaBel Café

Starting tomorrow: day by day rundown of our eleven day culinary tour through Mendoza and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

But today, back in Wheaton: quick lunch at DeJaBel Café (2519 University). I think I have decided I’m not crazy about their iced coffee, but having had three of them over the past couple of months, I’m still not completely sure.  They don’t put much ice in it: does that mean it’s better because there is more for the money, or worse because it isn’t cold enough?  And compared to, say, Starbucks, it is bland and a bit sweet; I have to admit I like the bitter, acrid Starbucks coffee undertones. And I like my beverages COLD, and will gladly trade volume for ice.  I plan to make more iced coffee at home to take with me to work and for weekends, thus obviating the need for external coffee resources.  And I will use Peet’s beans: take that, Howard Schultz!

We split a “Three Sisters” sandwich, a trio of cold cuts and cheese. The roll was very good, and I liked the whole package, but the meats and cheeses seemed processed.  Maybe so, but they were tasty.  Still, I would try a different sandwich next time.