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Bethesda Redwood

Not quite the same ring as California Redwood, but pretty good in its own right. Redwood (7121 Bethesda Lane) is huge, and has loads of outdoor seating, which is nice on a sunny but not too disgustingly humid summer day, especially when you get there for happy hour before the besotted masses.  This happy hour is made for you and me? Actually, Redwood may be too swank for Woody Guthrie’s taste.

I had been to Redwood only once before, not long after it opened, when the drinks were good but expensive and the delivery was sloooowwwwww.  The drinks are still good, and strong too — the bartender knows his way around a mojito, at least — and at happy hour prices ($5) a relative bargain.  Delivery was friendly and prompt, though they didn’t get busy until we were leaving so it wasn’t much of a test.

Several appetizers also get the HH price treatment; a big dish of addictive fries for $4 is a particular winner. Potstickers are also pretty good though they’re really more like stuffed wontons, or what some Chinese restaurants have called crab rangoons; these have ground pork instead of crab.  Not bad.  If I could leave Metro Center early more often to meet Mrs. Me at Redwood for an early-side happy hour mojito and fries, I would be a happier (though I suppose less healthy) camper.